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Our company
We are a family-owned transport company with more than 28 years of experience.
What does Transmeja stand for?
Our company is one of the longest-running ones in Lithuania. Founded in 1995 by two ambitious friends, today it proudly stands as a modern group of companies united by strong values and decades of experience. In all these years our company overcame the economic crisis, and market changes. And as we see now, all difficulties weren’t a challenge, it was an opportunity to grow.
We appreciate our people in all departments and their contribution, which allows us to be a reliable partner for our clients. Today our employee count has already surpassed 1200, and we are constantly growing. Our main goal for 2024 year is to optimize our existing processes and automate mechanical tasks with AI and robotization. We are confident that these initiatives and outstanding teamwork will help us grow and thrive in the competitive logistics market.
  • Reliability
    At Transmeja, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of reliability. We trust and rely on one another as a team to overcome daily challenges. While customers trust us to deliver their goods safely and on time - we take that responsibility seriously. 99.9% of our cargo is delivered safely to its destination. We believe, that our stability and consistent progress bring confidence to the customers' supply chain.
  • Customer Service
    With decades of extensive experience in the logistics industry and a dedicated team of professionals, we are committed to delivering top-tier services. We believe in building long-term relationships by listening to our customers' needs and offering personalized solutions that meet their unique requirements. High Quality Services is not just a value, it's our promise.
  • People
    People are the foundation of our organization's success, therefore we pay special attention to finding the right specialist for every position. As we grow together, both as individuals and as a company, we take immense pride in our collective accomplishments. Together we create confidence in the future for ourselves, our company, and our customers.
  • Sustainability
    Finally, we understand that as a logistics company, we have a responsibility to the environment. We aim to reduce our negative impact on the environment by investing in new technologies, new vehicles, and constantly improving our business operations. We implement sustainable practices by reducing our carbon emissions, training truck drivers in eco-driving, and educating employees about responsible paper use and waste management.
  • Completed journeys in 2023 +37% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Kilometres travelled, millions in 2023 +41% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Vehicles in 2023 +70% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Employees in 2023 +60% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023