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Standard tilt trailers
  • Truck perks
  • Anti-slipping matts, Corners, Belts
  • Load security holes
  • TAPA locks, TIR Cable
  • Sliding roof
    and speed curtain
  • Reinforcements
    in roof section
  • Compliance
    with standards
  • Aluminium Reinforced
    sliding curtain

Our logistics company provides broad coverage across Europe, with a network of destinations that spans the continent: from Spain to Scandinavia and from UK to Italy. We are professionals, bringing confidence to your supply chain with reliable and efficient services: Full Truck Loads, Dedicated Fleet services, Truck maintanance, Storage.

With our skilled drivers, constantly updated fleet of trucks and experienced managers as well as extensive knowledge of logistics market, we can ensure your cargo is transported seamlessly across the borders.

Transmeja locations:

Vilnius, Lithuania

Šiauliai, Lithuania
Drivers training center

Niederkrüchten, Germany
Trucks service

  • Completed journeys in 2023 +37% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Kilometres travelled, millions in 2023 +41% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Vehicles in 2023 +70% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
  • Employees in 2023 +60% growth in last 5 years
    in 2023
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